About North Bay Road

Just north of the Venetian Causeway entrance to Miami Beach is the luxurious community of North Bay Road. North Bay Road travels parallel to Alton Road all the way up the western coast of Miami Beach. North Bay Road is largely populated with homes. The North Bay Road community is an entirely coastal Miami Beachcommunity that extend from Miami Beach’s Mid-Beach all the way to North Beach passing two Golf Courses Miami Beach Golf Course and La Gorce Country Club. And, North Bay Road is known for having very nice properties on relatively large plot of land.

Those who enjoy boating in Biscayne Bay along the western coast of Miami Beach know exactly how nice North Bay Road homes are. They’re usually located on large amounts of land and have unique but luxurious architectural design. With most homes adhering to standard tropical colors and beautiful gables roofs, North Bay Road has a loosely unified but beautiful community theme. North Bay Road homes tend to have amenities like luxurious pool with pool deck, boat dockage with boat deck, gated property and decent-sized backyards.

Miami Beach living is highly sought-after, mostly because there is always something to do in the exciting city of Miami Beach. The coastal area of Miami Beach is separated into three parts. There’s South Beach, which is incredibly popular and is loaded with fancy restaurants, bars and shopping malls. Just north of South Beach is Mid-Beach, which is a slightly less active area that is known for quieter beaches with beautiful waterfront homes. North of Mid-Beach is North Beach which is much more tranquil than South Beach and Mid-Beach. It has larger plots of land for homes either on the beach or intracoastal.

Address Price Bed/Baths Interior Space $sf/$m² WF/Pool MLS Number
4736 N Bay Rd
$80,000,000 9 / 9 / 4
12,552sf / 1166m² $6,373 / $68,606m² Y / Y
4766 N Bay Rd
$36,000,000 7 / 6 / 3
N/A / N/A N/A / N/A Y / Y
4810 N Bay Rd
$28,000,000 5 / 5
6,884sf / 640m² $4,067 / $43,783m² Y / Y
4312 Alton Rd
$2,975,500 5 / 4 / 1
3,341sf / 310m² $891 / $9,587m² N / N
4470 Alton Rd
$2,600,000 3 / 2
1,777sf / 165m² $1,463 / $15,750m² N / N
4455 N Bay Rd
$1,950,000 3 / 2
2,397sf / 223m² $814 / $8,757m² N / N

Vacant Land

Address Price Sqft $sf/$m² WF MLS Number
4766 N Bay Rd $19,950,000 17,700 N/A / $12,133m² Y A11301916
4455 N Bay Rd $1,950,000 6,750 N/A / $3,110m² N A11249840

Vacant Land

Address Price Bed/Baths Interior Space $sf/$m² WF/Pool MLS Number
4344 N Bay Rd $60,000 4 / 5 / 1 4,467 / 415m² $13sf / $145m² Y / Y
4628 Alton Rd $14,900 4 / 4 3,062 / 284m² $5sf / $52m² N / Y

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